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ESD Goods
With over 6years experience in Electrostatic Discharge Packaging field, our ESD Goods team have many mature experience for provide suitble products as your requests.
The foam production of products with anti-static foam, conductive foam, cushion pad, corrosion proof, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, sealing, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, non-toxic, antibacterial and other characteristics, widely used in electronics industry, electronic instruments, household appliances, petroleum industry, military industry, textile industry, mining industry, medical equipment and other needs of all electrostatic isolation and the field of shielding.

Products and services

Anti-Static (ESD) Products
ESD Goods has the expertise to design packaging for your most static-sensitive products.
We manufacture reusable, handling or shipping containers to meet your customized packaging requirements.
Conductive, dissipative, PET and anti-static tray
Conductive, dissipative and anti-static corrugated plastic
Shipping containers: foam packs
Reusable containers: totes, bins, trays
Anti static wrist strap , shoes, slipper, esd Chairs , ESD tweezers etc.